Tree, shrub, lawn and flower plantings.  Spring Spider Lily  A garden path leads to....

Our Past Garden and Landscape Projects – A Texas Landscape Portfolio.

Lothrop’s Landscape, Inc. is a design and build firm. We take your ideas, put them down on paper and then implement improvements according to a plan. In other words, the designer of your garden will also act as your agent in the installation of your garden. This time proven process guarantees you with a garden that will be both functional and beautiful for many years. One advantage we offer is that we adapt plans throughout the project process so that design elements can always be adjusted.

For instance if a sun angle is miscalculated in the design process and an inappropriate plant is proposed, then that selection will be changed for a more appropriate plant immediately during the installation process. We don’t just “install” the plan, we correct it where necessary, and eliminate problems and subsequent call-backs for warranty work. This saves us time and you money.

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Whimsical or straight paths.  High spring season.  Perennial and annual flower plantings depending on your needs.  The right balance of annuals, ornamentals, and stone bring together design elements that work.  Colorful ground covers reflect unique character.  Seasonal flower plantings.
Our unique palette of plants, some of which are not even available in the trade, make our designs unique from the ground up.  Commercial Landscape Services  Outdoor accessories include gates, paths, pergolas/arbors and water features.
Always colorful and thoughtful landscapes.  Seasonal Perennial Color Plantings.  Hymenocallis Liriosme, Spring Spider Lily
 Outdoor accessories.  Landscape nook spaces.  Perennial Garden Color.
Dry river bed can sometimes solve difficult drainage problems.  We discover the right plants for sun or shade.  In any garden design, finely crafted stone and stone work lend character to a setting
Patio garden designs.  Raised herb garden bed.  Climbing plants design.
Terrace garden plants.  Front lawn plant bed.  Garden path.
Outdoor garden lighting.  Slate rock steps.  Deck and landscape design.
Dallas Texas Landscape.  Oak Cliff Texas Landscape  University Park Texas Landscape